NIRAPAD Activities
Technical support in DRR and CCA
Provided technical support in developing Handbook “Climate and Disaster Resilient WASH” through enormous consultation withWaterAid and provided ToTin December 2012. The process stared with developing draft content. After that a Write shop was took place to share the idea. The final handbook was developed and ToT provided to the partner staff.
Provided technical support in developing Training Manual on “Disaster Risk Management for UzDMC and UDMC Members” under PROSHAR Project in July 2012. Through consultation with PCI and literature review draft content of the manual developed and field visit to consult with UDMC and UzDMC members were conducted was conducted.The module was developed shared with field staff and finalized.
Conducted Training Needs Assessment (TNA) through data collection from filed analysis of those data; Developed Three Training Modules and Refresher Training for Emergency Response & Early Recovery in the Aila Affected Region in Bangladesh in May 2012. The training modules were developed thorough consultation with Oxfam officials, field workers and discussion with focused group. The modules are:
  • Module on Duck, Swan, Goat and Sheep Rearing
  • Module on Fish and Crab Cultivation
  • Module on Local Product Sales and Marketing
Based on the handbook previously developed by NIRAPAD on Women Leadership in Disaster Risk Management, Training Curriculum on Women Leadership in DRR was developed and conducted ToT on it for the NARRI Consortium in April 2012. The support was provided through field testing of the training curriculum and developing the training module according with developing IEC materials.
In providing support for Participatory Vulnerability Capacity and Assessment (PVCA) for Christian Aid in March 2012, translation of PVCA was done at first and contextualized Good Practice and Facilitator’s Guide was done after that. ToT was provided after developing the Guides.
Conduction of Midterm Evaluation of Vulnerability to Resilient (V2R) Project for Practical Action Bangladesh in March 2012 was done through field visit, data collection and analysis of data .
Technical support was provided through developing Training Manual, field testing of the manual and ToT for Ward Disaster Management Committee on "Urban Risk Reduction” for NARRI Consortium in November 2011. The process was gone through enormous consultation with NARRI Consortium.
Technical support in conduction of ‘Training Needs Assessment (TNA) was done through data collection from field and analysis of data by the experts. Thenfour Training Modules were developed for ECHO-EFSL Project’ in July 2011by observing the actual situation form the field in accordance with desk review of available materials.IEC materials were developed and provided ToT for the partner’s staff. The modules are:
  • Module on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Module on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Module on Child Care and Nutrition
  • Module on Home Based Production
Development of 5 Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Module and conductin of ToT for Food Security for Ultra Poor Project in the Haor Region (FSUP-H) of CARE Bangladesh in October 2010 was done through consultation with CARE and key informants form the Haor Region. The modules are:
  • Module on Disaster Risk Reduction for UP and UDMC
  • Community Risk Assessment Module for VDC and EKATA
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Module for VDCs and EKATA
  • Module on Early Warning Systems for VDCs and EKATA
  • Module on Disaster Risk Reduction School Programming
Provided technical support for Planning Commission in September 2010 to conductA study on ‘Survival Strategies of the Char Land Women from Climate Change Hazards in Bangladesh’. Field visit to understand the actual situation and data collection and analysis of data was conducted to complete the research.
Developed Training Module on Comprehensive Disaster Management and Climate Change Issues for World Vision Bangladesh in July 2010. The process of providing technical support in developing the training module was stated with consultation with World Vision staff and field visit. The training module was finalized and ToT was given.
Developed Handbook on Women Leadership in Disaster Risk Management and ToT for Oxfam-GB in March 2010. Technical support in Handbook development process was gone through consultation with Oxfam-GB, the review panel, major stakeholders (BRAC, CAMP-E & other), with policy maker at national level, URC centers and PTIs. Finally the ToT was provided to trainers of Dhaka Ahsania Mission and FIVDB.
Provided technical support to developed Disaster Preparedness Process for Plan Bangladesh in October 2011. The process was gone through consultation with Plan Bangladesh officials and KII with Plan senior management staff. A review panel was developed for better visualization of the artifact. Consultation with partners of Plan Bangladesh was also done.
Developed Emergency Response Protocol for ECB Bangladesh Consortium in August 2011. The protocol development process started with consultation with ECB Consortium members. Documents were collected form ECB individual members and the framework developed. Through huge consultation the ECB Emergency Response Protocol was finalized.
Developed Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change (CC) Policy in North-West Region for RDRS Bangladesh in March 2011. The process of providing technical support started with consultation with RDRS team in Dhaka. Then consultation with field staff of RDRS on Kurigram took place. Upazilla level workshop and KII with Director program managers was done. Network consultation in Dhaka and regional level consultation in Rangpurconducted. After KII with Regional stakeholder draft policy prepared and shared at national consultation.
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