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Year of Publication
1 ICT for disaster management in the Asia- Pacific region Daniel Stauffacher and Sanjana Hattotuwa, ICT4Peace Foundation 2008
2 ICT for Disaster Management United Nations Development Programme 2007
3 ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction- The Indian Experience Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
National Disaster Management Division
4 Nepal Wireless Networking Project- Case Study and Evaluation Report Mahabir Pun, Robin Shields, Rajendra Poudel and Philip Mucci 2006
5 Overcoming the Barriers to ICT Access Samantha Hellawell,
6 Overcoming the Gender Digital Divide: Understanding ICTs and their Potential for the Empowerment of Women Sophia Huyer and Tatjana Sikoska 2003
7 Promoting ICTs for Development World Summit on the Information society
8 Prospects of Using m-Technologies for Disaster Information Management in Bangladesh and other LDCs Chowdhury G. Hossan
Mridul Chowdhury
Ibrahim Kushchu
9 Public Participatory GIS in Community-based Disaster Risk Randall B. Kemp 2008
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Aug 06,2017
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