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Year of Publication
1 APELL and Floods: A Community-Based Approach for Disaster Risk Reduction UNESCO & UNEP 2004
2 Application Layer Multicast for Earthquake Early Warning Systems Valentina Bonsi 2008
3 Community Based Approaches to Disaster Preparedness and Response Maarten van Aalst

4 Community Based Disaster Information Management System: Perspective Bangladesh Dr. Hakikur Rahman
5 Community Based Early Warning System and Evacuation: Planning, Development and Testing Protecting Peoplesí Lives and Properties from Flood Risks in Dagupan City, Philippines ADPC 2008
6 Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems Rosa T. Perez, Susan R. Espinueva and Hilton 2007
7 Developing Early Warning Systems: A Checklist EWCIII Third International Conference 2006
8 DEWS- Distant Early Warning System Rainer Haner

9 Early Warning and Sustainable Development Deutsches Komitee fŁr Katastrophenvorsorge e.V. (DKKV) German Committee for Disaster Reduction within the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) 2002
10 Early warning for Hydro meteorological Hazards including Drought IDNDR Secretariat, Geneva 1997
11 Early Warning System Project 4th Annual Mekong Flood Forum, Siem Reap, Cambodia 2006
12 Early Warning Systems for Natural Disaster in Korea Sam-Kew Roh, Phd 2006
13 Earthquake Early Warning System in Japan Japan Meteorological Agency 2006
14 Eleven-Country Cooperation in Establishing a Regional Multi-hazard Early Warning System in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia ADPC

15 Emergency Information Service (EIS) Information TO Save Lives International Federation of Red Cross and Red
Crescent Societies
16 Enhancing Preparedness and Early Warning in Disaster Risk Reduction 20 -24 April Fifth Technical Conference on Management of Meteorological and Hydrological Services In Regional Association V at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2009
17 Four Elements of People Centered Early Warning Systems UN-ISDR
18 Global Survey of Early Warning Systems UN General Assembly 2007
19 Guiding Principles for Effective Early Warning United Nations 1997
20 Input to the EWCII Planning John Scott 2003
21 Lessons for a Safer Future: Drawing on the experience of the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster Eleven key actions for building nations' and communities' resilience to disasters UNISDR 2006
22 Multi Hazard Early Warning System ADPC News 2006
23 Multi Hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) World Meteorological Organization 2009
24 National and Local Capabilities for Early Warning IDNDR Secretariat, Geneva 1997
25 Draft Orissa Muti-Hazard Preparedness & Mitigation Project Inter Sectoral Team UN House Orissa to assist OSDMA, Orissa
26 Report on Early Warning Capabilities for Geological Hazards IDNDR Secretariat, Geneva 1997
27 Tsunami Early Warning & Response Systems National Disaster Secretariat
Presidentís Office,
Government of Seychelles
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