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Sl. Issues Author/Authorized
Year of Publication
1 A Practical Guide on the Use of Objectives, Outputs, and Indicators UNHCR 2002
2 A Practical Tool for Field Based Humanitarian Workers All in Diary
3 Aid Delivery Methods- Project Cycle Management Guidelines, 2004 European Commission 2004
4 Assessing Resilience & Vulnerability: Principles, Strategies & Actions Guidelines Philip Buckle, Graham Marsh & Sydney Smale 2001
5 Assessing Resilience and Vulnerability in the Context of Emergencies: Guidelines Victorian Government 2000
6 AUS Guideline-The Logical Approach Commonwealth of Australia 2005
7 Building Livelihoods- A Field Manual for Practitioners in Humanitarian Women’s Refugee Commission 2009
8 Child & Adolescent Led DRR NIRAPAD 2009
9 Child led Disaster risk Reduction Save the children 2007
10 Child-led Disaster Risk reduction: A Practical Guide Save the Children
11 Community-Based Disaster Risk Management-Facilitators International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
12 Community-Based Disaster Risk Management Field Practitioners’ Handbook ADPC 2004
13 Contingency Planning for Emergency- A Manual for Local Government Unit UNHCR 2003
14 Contingency Planning Guidelines- A Practical Guide for Field Staff UNHCR

15 Contingency Planning Guidelines CARE 2006
16 CRA guideline (Bangla) CDMP
17 CRA module for VDC EKATA- NIRAPAD 2010
18 CRA guideline (English) CDMP
19 CVCA CARE 2009
20 Disaster Management Systems Analysis – A Guidebook FAO 2008
21 Disaster Risk Management Manual Oxfam 2006
22 Disaster preparedness training programme- Risk Reduction International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society 2000
23 Handbook on SOD DMB & CDMP 2011
24 DMB-Guideline on Multi-stakeholder Contingency planning 2009
25 DRR for SMC & Teacher- NIRAPAD 2010
27 Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities City of Los Angeles Department on Disability 2001
28 Emergency Preparedness Planning Workbook CARE 2006
29 EPP Guidelines & Template NIRAPAD 2011
30 Field Guide to Humanitarian Maping Map Action 2009
31 Field Operations Guide for Disaster Assessment and Response USAID 2005
32 Flood Forecasting Module ADPC 2009
33 Guidelines Risk Analysis – a Basis for Disaster Risk Management GTZ 2004
34 Hand book for Emergencies UNHCR
35 Household Livelihood Security Assessments: A Toolkit for Practitioners July, 2002 CARE 2002
36 How Resilient is Your Coastal Community- A Guide for Evaluating Coastal Community Resilience to Ts ADPC 2007
37 Humanitarian Advocacy Training Module Oxfam
38 Integrating Older People Help Age International 2008
39 Managing the Double Bottom Line- A Business Planning Reference Guide for Social Enterprises Save the Children 2000
40 Manual for Estimating the Socio-Economic Effects of Natural Disasters United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America 1991
41 Module on EW for VDC & EKATA NIRAPAD 2011
42 Participation by Crisis-Affected Populations in Humanitarian Action ALNAP

43 Participatory Planning - Guide for Post-Disaster Reconstruction EPC & TCG International 2004
44 Participatory Rural Appraisal(PRA) IGES 2003
45 Participatory Vulnerability Analysis (PVA) Action Aid
46 Participatory capacity and Vulnerability assessment: Finding the Link Between Disasters and Development Oxfam 2002
47 Rapid Guide for Missions Analysis of local institutions and livelihoods FAO 2005
48 Resource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management-Community-based Management ICIMOD 2008
49 Resource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management-Non-structural Measures ICIMOD 2008
50 Sustainable Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM) Practices in Asia UNCRD 2004
51 The Camp Management Toolkit NRC & CMP 2008
52 The Pocket Humanitarian Handbook Oxfam
53 Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A Guide for Development and Humanitarian Organisations Ben Ramalingam 2009
54 Total Disaster Risk Management ADPC 2005
55 Training Manual - Integrating Gender into CBDRM CBDRM Training & Learning Circle-Philippines
56 Training Manual on Mainstreaming Disability in Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Handicap International 2008
57 Training Modules for Climate and Flood Forecast Applications in Agriculture ADPC

58 Training on Disaster Risk Reduction Concepts and Measures ADPC 2008
59 TRG Module on Leadership Development
60 UDMC DRR Module NIRAPAD 2010
61 Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment IFRC 1999
62 Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment : Toolbox IFRC 1996
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