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Year of Publication
1 A Focus on Good Practices United Nations 2008
2 Bangladesh Country Perspective on Emergency Preparedness The Government of the Peopleís Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management 2007
3 Best Practices in Disaster Mitigation BALI Workshop 2002
4 Building Disaster Resilient Communities- Good Practices and Lesson Lerned ISDR 2007
5 Comprehensive Disaster Management-Bangladesh Experience MoFDM & CDMP
6 Coomonalities and Rationale for Networking of Disaster Reduction and Response Regional Workshop on Networking and Collaboration among NGOs of Asian Countries in Disaster
Reduction and Response
7 Cyclone Disaster Preparedness and Response Experiences from the Coastal Region of Bangladesh A Q M Mahbub 2005
8 DER Floods 2004 Lessons Learned Workshop Report DER 2004
9 Dilemmas of `Post'-Conflict Transition- Lessons from the Health Sector Joanna Macrae 1995
10 Experience in Collecting Information on Methods and Tools in ISDR ISDR
11 From Recovery to Preparedness Mr. Philip Hall 2008
12 Learning from Disaster Recovery -Guidance for Decision Makers International Recovery Platform (IRP) 2007
13 Responding to earthquakes 2008 Learning from earthquake relief and recovery operations ANLAP
14 Learning from Previous Relief and Recovery Operations ANLAP 2008
15 Learning Lessons from Disaster Recovery: The Case of Bangladesh Tony Beck
World Bank
16 Learning Lessons from Disaster Recovery: The Case of Mozambique Peter Wiles, Kerry Selvester &
Lourdes Fidalgo
17 Lessons Cyclone Nargis- Lessons for Operational Agencies ANLAP
18 Lessons in Disaster Management Workshop in West Bengal 2008
19 Lessons Learned on Capacity Assessment UNDP 2009
20 Lessons from Disaster Preparedness John Twigg 2002
21 Pro Poor Urban Governance-Lessons from Life UNDP 2005
22 Slow Onset Disaster- Learning from Previous Relief and Recovery Responses ANLAP
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