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1 A Model-based Stakeholder Approach for Designing Disaster Insurance Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer and Anna Vári
2 A Reconceptualization of the Linkages between Disasters and Development Mary B. Anderson
3 A Reconnaissance Based Survey Report at Bangladesh- Effect of the Cyclone SIDR Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur 2008
4 A Review of the IFRC-led Shelter Coordination Group: Bangladesh Cyclone Sidr Response 2007-2008 Sara Davidson

5 Adaptation, adaptive capacity and vulnerability Barry Smit , Johanna Wandel 2006
6 After the cyclone: lessons from a disaster Oxfam International 2008
7 An Operational Framework for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction Thomas Mitchell 2003
8 Approaches to Sustainable Livelihoods for the Rural People ODI 1999
9 At Risk Natural Hazards, People’s Vulnerability and Dsasters Ben Wisner, Piers Blaikie, Terry Cannon and Ian Davis 2003
10 Bangladesh Cyclone-Rebuilding after Cyclone SIDR Habitat for Humanity
11 Building Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia: A Way Forward ADPC 2004
12 Can Anyone Hear Us? Poverty Group, PREM
World Bank
December 1999
13 Contingency Plan for Earthquake Disaster Management (Draft)
14 Coordinated Health & WASH Response Zimbabwe 2008
15 Cyclone Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh Professor M Alimullah Miya
16 Cyclone
17 Disaster as an Opportunity for Development S I Khan
18 Disaster Economics UNDP 1994
19 Disaster Mitigation and Management for West Bengal, India – An appraisal Sankar Kumar Nath, Debasis Roy and Kiran Kumar Singh Thingbaijam 2008
20 Disaster Preparedness and Management S. Yodmani
21 Don’t be Scared, Be Prepared-How Disaster Preparedness can Save Lives and Money Christian Aid 2005
22 Disaster Research: Exploring Sociological Approach to Disaster in Bangladesh Mahbuba Nasreen 2004
23 Disaster Risk Management and Vulnerability Reduction: Protecting the Poor S. Yodmani
24 Disaster Risk Management Gtz 2002
25 Disaster Risk Reduction & Emergency Response for WASH Water Supply & Sanitation
Collaborative Council
26 Disaster Risk Reduction: A Development Concern Overseas Development Group 2004
27 Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development Fouad Bendimerad
28 Disaster Risk Reduction and Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action ISDR
29 Disaster Risk Reduction, Governance and Volunteerism World Conference on Disaster Reduction 2005
30 Disasters in Numbers-2007 ISDR 2008
31 Disasters in Numbers-2008 ISDR 2009
32 Disasters in Numbers-2009 ISDR 2010
33 District Disaster Risk Management and Response Plan
34 District Response Plan
35 Drought
36 Earthquake Vulnerability of Buildings and a Mitigation Strategy: Case of Istanbul Mustafa Erdik
37 Economics of Natural Disasters: A Critical Review Yasuhide Okuyama 2003
38 Emergency Capacity Building Pilot Projects- Promising Practices for Risk Reduction ECB 2007
39 Enhancing Disaster Responsiveness Building Institutional Capabilities Filomena Nelson
40 Features of Super Cyclone SIDR to Hit Bangladesh in Nov., 07 and Measures for Disaster Kazuyoshi Hasegawa
41 Floods in Bangladesh Dr Paul Thompson & Dr Parvin Sultana
42 Flood
43 From food crisis to fair trade- Livelihoods analysis, protection and support in emergencies Susanne Jaspars 2006
44 From People to People GTZ 2004
45 Garments Contingency Plan Action Aid Bangladesh 2007
46 Government - NGO Collaboration for Disaster Reduction and Response: The India (Orissa) Experience Mr. Aurobindo Behera 2002
47 Good Practice Review- Disaster Reduction: Mitigation and Preparedness in Development and Emergency Programming John Twigg 2004
48 Hazard & Risk Science Review 2006 Benfield and PartnerRe 2006
49 How Are Cyclones Named? PALASH Mondal 2009
50 Information Systems and Disaster Risk Reduction ISDR 2003
51 Informed Ownership, Training, and Organization for Successful Disaster Preparedness Güler Okman Fisek, Serra Müderrisoglu, Nur Yeniçeri, and Gökçe
52 Innovative Initiatives in Disaster Risk Reduction ADPC 2007
53 Integrity in Humanitarian Assistance: Issues and Bechmark Shahzada M Akram, Tanvir Mahmud and Iftekharuzzaman 2007
54 Interorganizational Coordination in Dynamic Context: Networks in Emergency Response Management Naim Kapucu, Ph.D 2005
55 Knowledge Management for Risk Management Istvan Fogarasi
56 Legislation for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction TEAR Fund 2006
57 Links between Natural Disasters, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Risk Reduction Papa Seck 2007
58 Macroeconomic Impacts of Natural Disasters Reinhard Mechler
59 Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into Development Policy, Planning and Implementation Loy Rego & Arghya Sinha Roy 2007
60 Mitigation into Planning and Financing Urban Infrastructure after an Earthquake B.R. Balachandran
61 Monga
62 Natural Disaster and Disaster Risk Reduction Measures- A Desk Review of Costs and Benefits DFID 2005
63 Natural Disaster Hotspots: A Global Risk Analysis The World Bank and Columbia University 2005
64 Natural Disasters and Resource Rights- Building Resilience, Rebuilding Lives Oli Brown
Alec Crawford
Anne Hammill
65 Natural Hazard Perception. Sorin Cheval 2003
66 One Year After Cyclone Sidr: Fear Replaces Hope Oxfam 2008
67 Options for Cyclone Protection : Bangladesh Context Nehal Karim
68 Political Economics and the Weimar Disaster Roger B. Myerson 2004
69 Post-Sidr Family Shelter Reconstruction Bangladesh Bill Flinn & Peter Beresford 2009
70 Preparedness for Natural Disasters: An Overview Paul K. Freeman
71 Public Health Situation at A Glance- Super Cyclone ‘SIDR’: Bangladesh World Health Organization 2008
72 Reducing Disaster Risk- A Challenge for Development UNDP 2004
73 Reducing Hazard Vulnerability: Towards a Common Approach between Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Adaptation Overseas Development Institute 2006
74 Rethinking Disaster Oxfam International 2008
75 Rural Livelihood Planning for SIDR Affected People ASM Tariqur Rabby & SK Adnan Islam
76 Rural Livelihoods, Poverty, and the Millennium Development Goals EFD 2008
77 SAARC Workshop on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk in Development SAARC Disaster Management Centre, New Delhi 2008
78 Seismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy in Armenia Mikayel Melkumyan
79 Seismic Risk Assessment Survey of Urban Buildings Haluk Sucuoglu and Ufuk Yazgan
80 Social Capital & Sustainability Max Nielsen-Pincus 2002
81 Social Vulnerability- Sustainable Livelihoods and Disasters DFID
82 Study on current status of disaster reduction, institutional arrangements and potential for national platforms for disaster reduction in 3 South and South East Asian countries ADPC 2007
83 Studying Coordination and Mobility in Organizations David Tilson 2005
84 Super Cyclone SIDR 2007- Impacts and Strategies for Interventions Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2008
85 Sustainable Rural Livelihoods- A framework for Analysis Ian Scoones
86 Sustainable Livelihoods and Political Capital Pari Baumann 2000
87 Sustainable Livelihoods and vulnerability to Disaster John Twigg 2001
88 Terminology of Disaster ISDR 2009
89 The Dynamics of Coordination Thomas J. Watson Jr. 2000
90 The Politics of Disaster Mitigation John Twigg 2001
91 The Potential of Using Sustainable LivelihoodsApproaches in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers Andy Norton and Mick Foster 2001
92 The State of Char Education in Bangladesh : Focus on Selected Chars of Gaibandha District Romina Dewan kabir 2006
93 Too Little, too Slow Why More Must be Done to Assist Pakistan’s displaced Millions Oxfam International 2009
94 Towards Total Disaster Risk Management Approach Emmanuel M. de Guzman
95 Tsunami
96 Twin–City Cooperation and International Assistance Andrea Lovei
97 Tyranny/Transformation: Power and Paradox in Participatory Development Forum: Qualitative Social Research 2006
98 Vision of Risk-A Review of International Indicators of Disaster Risk and its Management Mark Pelling 2004
99 Vulnerability a Matter of Perception Annelies Heijmans 2001
100 Vulnerability, Adaptation and Climate Disasters: A Conceptual Overview Farhana Yamin, Atiq Rahman and Saleemul Huq* 2005
101 Vulnerability, Risk and Adaptation Nick Brooks 2003
102 Water Logging
103 Working with Earthquake Victims Aysegül Senol
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