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1 Can Small Be Beautiful? Community based flood mitigation in Bangladesh ADPC 2004
2 CBDRM and Poverty Reduction in PDR-SEA4 Emmanuel Torrente, Jicheng Zhang and Ti Le-Huu 2008
3 Citizenry-Based & Development-Oriented Disaster Response Annelies Heijmans
Lorna P. Victoria
Center for disaster preparedness
4 Citizens’ Participation Towards Safer Communities Zenaida G. Delica
5 Community-based Adaptation UNDP
6 Community Based Approaches to Disaster Mitigation Lorna P. Victoria, Director, Center for Disaster Preparedness
7 Community Empowerment and Disaster Risk Reduction in Chittagong City ADPC 2008
8 Concepts and Practices of “Resilience”: A Compilation from Various Secondary Sources. US IOTWS 2006
9 Cooperation between Local Authority and Communities- Reducing Flood Disaster Risk in Dagupan City, Philippine ADPC 2007
10 Critical Issues of Community Based Flood Mitigation: Examples from Bangladesh and Vietnam Rajib Shaw 2006
11 Disaster Mitigation Planning: The Growth of Local Partnerships for Disaster Reduction Josh Moga
12 Disaster Risk Management Programme [2002-07] Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of India
13 Mitigation Planning through Community Based Approaches in Bangladesh Urban Disaster Mitigation Project (BUDMP) Morshed
14 Mobilizing Local Communities in Reducing Disasters UN ISDR
15 Preparing for disaster A community-based approach Danish Red Cross 2005
16 Promoting Community Resilience through Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments (VCA) IFRC 2008
17 Public Participation in the Design of Local Strategies for Flood Mitigation and Control B. Affeltranger

18 Regional Experiences on the Integration of CBDRM into the Local Development Planning in South East Asia Emmanuel Torrente
Jicheng Zhang
19 Understanding Communities: From Knowledge into Practice
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