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1 A Critical Assessment of the Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework in Cameroon Elias Ndifor Ayanji
Trainer,Local Government Training Centre (CEFAM), Buea
2 A Review of Disaster and Livelihood Related Projects & Existing Government Policies on Disaster Management Practical Action Bangladesh 2006
3 Children and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Asia Pacific Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Got. of the Peopleís Republic of Bangladesh 2010
4 Baseline Study on the Implimentation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Proposal of CDM Projects in Burundi Evarise SINARINZI 2005
5 Capacity Training Needs Assessment of UP & UZP Rural Employment Opportunities for Public Assets (REOPA) 2007
6 Contingency planning and humanitarian action A review of practice Richard Choularton
Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN)
7 Disaster Risk and Poverty in South Asia: A Contribution to the 2009 ISDR Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction Duryog Nivaran 2009
8 Evaluating Community-Based and Community-Driven Development: A Critical Review of the Evidence Ghazala Mansuri and Vijayendra Rao
Development Research Group, The World Bank
9 Evaluating Humanitarian Assistance Programmes in Complex Emergencies Overseas Development Institute (ODI) 1998
10 Food Security Assessment in Bangladesh- Issues and Implications for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Siemon Hollema and Nurun Nahar Begum
Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping Unit, WFP-Bangladesh
11 Hazards of Nature, Risks to Development- An IEG Evaluation of World Bank Assistance for Natural Disasters Independent Evaluation Group, The World Bank 2006
12 Evaluation of Improving Community Coping Mechanisms to Adapt to Climate Change Dr. Mahbub Alam and
Mr. Shyamal Kanti Barman
13 Land Use Planning and Land Allocation in the Upland of Northern Laos: Process Evaluation and Impacts Khamphay Manivong and Phouthone Sophathilath
14 Looking Back Moving forward UNICEF 2009
15 The Role of Local Institutions in Reducing Vulnerability to Recurrent Natural Disasters and in Sustainable Livelihoods Development Zefanias Matsimbe
Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable Livelihoods Programme (DiMP)
University of Cape Town
October 2003
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