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 Accountability in Humanitarian Interventions 

Accountability in Humanitarian Interventions has always been a major issue for the humanitarian actors. Since 1996, when the Joint Evaluation of the International Response to the Genocide in Rwanda wa

 Transformation of management system and national disaster risk reduction model  

Recurring disaster, high population density and persistent poverty makes the marginalized people of Bangladesh more and more vulnerable to disaster. These people largely have no or a very little

 Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction  

Disasters have an enormous impact on development. With every disaster, there is a significant impact on various sectors of development like agriculture, housing, health, education and infrast

 Understanding Climate Change and Disaster Risk  

Disaster caused by natural hazards such as cyclone, flood, earthquakes, droughts, landslides, etc. can have devastating effects on population, environment, services, and economies. Studi

 Disaster and vulnerability through people perspective 

Due to unique geographic feature and location Bangladesh is extremely prone to natural hazard of different forms. Almost every year different forms of natural as well as anthropogenic hazards occur in
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