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Happy New Year

Date : 30 Dec 2017

Happy New Year from NIRAPAD! Wish your 2018 begin with new happenings for a happy ending!

End of a year or beginning of a new year, it is always preferable to look back and reflect on previous activities. At the end of the year, NIRAPAD, a disaster management network, would like to look back on its activities in 2017 and share with you. Summary information of NIRAPAD’s activities in 2017 are given below:

Monthly Report on Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh: In every month, NIRAPAD has prepared “Monthly Report on Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh” with the aim of providing all stakeholders comprehensive information on the disaster events and their impacts; responses by Government and other stakeholders and lessons learned. The report portrayed general reflection of the hazards that took place in different places in each of the months, their impacts as well as associated response and the early recovery efforts undertaken by the Government and other humanitarian actors.

Daily Hazard Incidence Report: NIRAPAD has prepared “Daily Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh” for Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), an international network of organisations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide. Under its campaign titled ‘365 disasters: a disaster a day from around the world’, GNDR has tweeted it every day.

Real-time Review - When the Rubber Hits the Road Local Leadership in the first 100 of the Rohingya Crisis Response: