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Membership Guidelines


Membership is the heart of any network. Success and failure depend on their motivation and commitment on it. So, careful mast be regarding the membership whether they want to actually participate or only extracting gain from it. 

Formal membership can be obtained from NIRAPAD signing the memorandum of understanding between the network and member. Regarding the membership steering committee will take the final decision and approval. The following types of membership will exist in the network.

Regular or voting member: 

This category member organization can able to take part in decision making and have the voting right. Steering committee member is elected only from this type of membership. They have the vital responsibilities for effectively contribute in strengthening the network.

Associate member:

Applicable for only organization take part in activities of the network but will not any voting rights. Any organization wise to and eligible for the member of NIRAPAD will first get the associate membership status as per approval from the Steering Committee. Same preference will be given for both national, international and Community Based Organization. After successful completion of the two year participation and contribution in the network, steering committee will review the performance of the organization and provide the status of regular or voting membership. SC has the every right in the logical ground not to provide regular or voting membership rather extended the AM for further period of time or cancel the AM status.

Individual member:

Applicable for only the individual who specially contributed to the network as resource person. Person has selected based on knowledge and experience in the field of disaster management. He has not any voting rights but have the opinion for strategic direction of the organization. IM worked as advisory body of the Network. The IM numbers is determined by the SC.

Beside the different membership NIRAPAD will develop resource pool collecting C.V. for the individuals who willing to work with. C.V. will use for submitting proposal for awarding work or service

Criteria of member

For Organization

  • Status of legal affiliation
  • Have long work experience in Disaster sector
  • Democratic decision making within the organization
  • Have long run strategic plan including vision, mission, goals and objectives
  • Accounts audited by the certified chartered accountant
  • Annual report of the organization

For Individual

  • Strong education and practical background in relevant field
  • Long experience in disaster sector
  • Work or affiliated with reputed organization
  • National and/or international publication
  • Non hierarchal attitude and behavior

Membership contribution or fees:

Admission fee for the eligible organization is Tk. 5000 one sort and after that they have to pay yearly subscriptions. 

Regular member have to pay Tk. 6000 per year as subscription fees. Beside that they can willingly contribute to strengthen the network by providing resources as and when required by NIRAPAD.  

Associated member will provide Tk. 5000 per year for subscription. They have also can contribute to strengthen NIRAPAD resource base as he wish. 

Honorary member will not provide any subscription to the organization as they act as advisory body and uphold the prestige of the organization. But they will have to provide token money Tk. 500 for entry in the organization. This type of member has no executive functions. They will work as door opener to gain access to other organization or to find funding.