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NIRAPAD Overview

NIRAPAD is a network mean to address the people affected by different types of disaster. NIRAPAD scheme is to gather disaster information and disseminate those to wider stakeholder for more response and preparedness. As NIRAPAD means Network for Information, Response And Preparedness Activities on Disaster, its' objective lies under the name. NIRAPAD also brings together professionals working in the area of disaster to address local and global disaster concerns. NIRAPAD works with different stakeholders all over Bangladesh.

Launched in 1997, NIRAPAD is an open coalition and established by CARE Bangladesh along with its disaster management partner NGOs. All 23 members under the coalition have been working in the high risk areas of Bangladesh since long to reduce the risk of disaster on livelihood security of vulnerable household. Now, NIRAPAD is going with its' own capacity and partner organizations' maintain.

NIRAPAD at a Glance

NIRAPAD, a network of 22 non-government organisations, works for reducing disaster risk in Bangladesh through diminution of disaster related information and knowledge gap and strengthening DRM abilities of the development organisations and communities. In 1997 with the funding support from USAID, CARE Bangladesh and its disaster management partner NGOs formed a coalition and established NIRAPAD as an NGO network. However, due to its nature of work NIRAPAD got separated from CARE Bangladesh in 2006 and came forth as a full-fledged independent entity. NIRAPAD got its registration from NGO Affaires Bureau, Bangladesh on 19th May 2010. Under this new identity, NIRAPAD had been developed as a knowledge based collaborative organisation having strong collaboration and relation with more than 100 local and international humanitarian agencies, institutions and organisations. NIRAPAD promotes and supports collaboration with wider community. The Government of Bangladesh recognised it and included NIRAPAD a as member in the Bangladesh DRR Platform. Also, NIRAPAD is a Full Member of CHS Alliance.

Over  time, NIRAPAD’s mandate had been shifted from information sharing to knowledge generation and management, providing technical support in DRR and CCA and promoting collaboration and partnership. Ensuring accountability at all levels as well as establishing a rightful accountable humanitarian system is another mandatory issue for the organisation. Since reformation the organisation had also been proactively involved in promotion and mainstreaming various cross cutting issues (i.e. good governance, gender, environment, etc.) and quality and accountability standards (i.e. CHS, Sphere minimum standards etc.).