Sl. Issues Author/Authorized
Year of Publication
1 Effective Community Participation in Coastal Development Golam m. Mathbor 2008
2 Indigenous Knowledge Inquiries- A Methodological Manual for Development Paul Sillitoe, pter Dixon and Julian Barr 2005
3 Methods and Techniques of Social Research Abu Jafar Mohammad Sufian 2009
4 Baseline Survey Report- Disaster Management Project(Integrated Food Security Program) CARE, Bangladesh September, 2000
5 Densification- A Strategic Plan to Mitigate Riverbank Erosion Disaster in Bangladesh Mohammad Z Mamun
A T M Nurul Amin
6 Disaster Management in Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of the Republic of Bangladesh June,2006
7 Disaster Preparedness in Bangladesh Concern Universal and
Dhaka Ahsania Mission
8 Project Completion Report of the Bangladesh Urban Disaster Mitigation project CARE & ADPC December,2003
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