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Year of Publication
1 কন্যাশিশু জাতীয কন্যাশিশু এডভোকেসি ফোরাম সেপ্টেম্বর ,২০০৭
2 Against All Odds CARE, Bangladesh June,2006
3 Promoting Male Responsibility for Gender Equality Debra Efroyson
Sian FitzGerald
Lori Jones
August, 2006
4 Report on Gender Consultancy CARE & ADPC
5 Towards Prevention of Cross-Border Trafficking in Women and Children Concern Universal Bangladesh
6 They are Helping Themselves-1 Samaj kallyan Sangstha (SKS)
7 They are Helping Themselves-2 Samaj kallyan Sangstha (SKS) April,2006
8 Women leadership in DRM Oxfam 2011
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